Leaders Of Virtually Everything Inventing New Concepts, also known as L.O.V.E. INC was created to leave a legacy in today's society. The mastermind of this creation is Charles Culp, a retired United States Air Force veteran from Newark, NJ.

His interest in business started as a member of the Central Ward Boys and Girls club in Newark where he entered an entrepreneurial program that was taught by Steve Mariotti of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). His first venture as a result of that program was a very successful mobile candy store. He operated the store while in high school and he also set up stands at numerous functions at the Boys and Girls Club. He was eventually hired by the club where he worked until he joined the Air Force.

During his career in the Air Force, he never abandoned his entrepreneurial motivation as he traveled the world. Then one day, while in Saudi Arabia, L.O.V.E. INC was born. The company name was derived from his childhood nickname of Chuck Love, which he still answers to today. He wanted it to be more than just a company name. He wanted it to mean something. He wanted it to parallel his views on success. Never being one to follow the lead of others, he wanted to demonstrate that the path he created would be the path he took. He believes that there is no one direction to success and it's possible to make your own way.

Now retired from the military, he is committed to building a strong company brand and a lasting presence. His motivation is driven by leaving a legacy that can be carried on by anyone that has the desire to succeed by their own definition. He hopes to ignite the greatness in everyone he comes in contact with. He wants L.O.V.E. INC to show and prove that life without L.O.V.E. isn't really living.